You won’t believe…

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Something I used to say.

My father drove it into me that if I was gonna be getting in fights I could get in serious trouble and the only argument you could have was in self-defense.

So I learned to get the other guy to swing on me first.

It’s not hard to find people’s weakness.

It’s no hard to narrow it down and then POKE and PROD…

Every woman does it to her partner. It’s an emotional maze.

There’s no way out.

This saying was often the straw that broke the camel’s back, I immediately fell into a Cat stance whenever I said it, waiting for the right hook.

The guy would go: “I’ll FUCKING SMASH YOU!” or some variant of this and I would say “I’ll believe it when I see it…” which basically calls their bluff.

If they didn’t swing after that, I still felt a huge sense of power and superiority.

And if they did swing, WAX ON WAX OFF, I was ready for it.


Other favourites of mine to get a cunt swinging included:

“You’re just a bitch, that’s why…”


“Pffft. As if you’re gonna do anything.”

And one time when I was being kicked on the ground by 4 guys I backrolled to my feet and shouted “What ever happened to one-on-one, cunt?” Basically challenging his courage to face me without numbers.

He heard me loud and clear because he frowned, took two steps and immediately smashed my head in.

Side note, do not push buttons when you are already ‘losing’ i.e. the other guy has a lot of momentum. Whether its’ warranted or not.

(see aforementioned 4 on 1.)


You can promise a woman the world. Diamonds and babies.

Most of the time she doesn’t want those things.

She wants to fuck you in the ear until she gets that oxytocin release that makes her feel loved and connected with the world and resourceful and powerful.

Guys with-hold from that because oxytocin release decreases our testosterone, which in turn makes us feel disempowered and less resourceful.

Less manly.

Short of doing a bunch of deadlifts or hitting the bag after talking to your girl, the main thing is that you are aware that this is the reality of what she needs, not promises, not showing her. She just wants the oxytocin and it’ll sap the fire from your veins and you just need to be aware that the softness will make you feel like her for a bit and that’s what she wants. Empathy, agreement.


And if you can give her that (And then go and hit the bag til you feel like a man!) Then you can pretty much ask her for anything.

But don’t take my word for it.

You won’t believe it until you see it.

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