How Big?

“How big was he?” -the coward’s anthem.
As if size matters.
You learn from jiujitsu, the bigger they are the harder they fall and the slower they move for you to work out how to topple them.

Everyone’s the same size when you punch them in the nose.
Everyone goes to sleep if you hit them in the jaw.

Everyone I ever punched-on with was bigger than me.
Hey I’m a little cunt, so fucking WHAT…

I’ve dropped guys a foot taller than me with the overhand.
I’ve kicked a man in the face when he was on his knees.
Massive brawl: the nasty alpha guy got double-legged (by someone on my “team”) and then I jumped over the guy who took him down, to stomp on his nasty alpha face.

Size only matters if you’re big. It makes you lazy.
The big guys who I taught to fight learned to fight like me.
Big Luke and Big Benny are both 6 foot plus and they are fucking NIGHTMARES to fight because their footwork is dynamic as all fuck and they have incredible power.
They are quick and elusive and heavy handed.
It’s terrifying.
They’re not lazy at all.

It’s all about your mentality.
Pressure fighters just step and attack. Look what happened to Ronda.
Counter-fighters, they wait.
And patience is a virtue.

So if power isn’t about size, then is it about speed..?


I dealt with a lot of powerful men today.
I’m not staying powerful women aren’t designed exactly the same -that’s a different topic- I just didn’t deal with any of those women today.

There’s something that powerful men do in common. They move slowly.
They’re not in a rush to push their agenda, a hurry to get what they want.
Effective people usually get what they want, so they expect that, they assume. It’s not on their mind.
They’re not rushing to push their agenda… They’re scanning for yours.

There’s a rhythm to an interaction.
With women it’s even more complex because many things are said with gestures, so you can speak and react between words. Between moments.

But Gold sees gold.
And I might find it safe to assume that this could be due, to rhythm.
I see a guy move slow and his eyes say “I see you” and I wait a heartbeat before nodding “I see you too” which gives him a moment to feel in control and then to respond with grace.
Not a word.
As we extend to shake hands, both men assume a firm enough handshake with a normal duration that leaves neither of us too powerful or too desperate.
This is key.
This is how you know a man’s intellect and respect.
He doesn’t attempt to overpower you without threat. He assumes you respect him and has nothing to fear.

It is the weak man that immediately seeks dominance out of anxiety.
His insecurity drives him.

I have been small, I have been weak.
I have scared women away with neediness more times than creepiness.
But you build yourself.
You start with the weak links and you build.
How big can I be…
You build your life and your aspirations like a castle of mirrors to impress yourself. You become strong by your own standards.

When men shake hands this is all there.
How big is your castle how much do you respect yourself.
And no matter how much money or how little or how vast or powerful you are, there is only one thing that shows true strength in that moment.
There is only one sentiment and it is never spoken, only shown.

The absence of insecurity, the stability of integrity in his hand:

“…Big enough.”

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