Equality for Men: Part One “the new world”

EQUALITY FOR MEN: The new world.


The world is changing.

Gay marriage is in.

Transgender equality has blurred all the gender role stuff and feminism is nearly over.

Women are afforded the majority of powers that are available to men.

Doesn’t mean that the emotional needs of women are largely validated.


A lot of the problems that afford gender inequality are actually archaic

traditions that pre-dated contraception and abortion.

Per-martial abstinence was necessary to stop us paying for unwanted bastard children so women were discouraged from exploring their sexuality.

But it’s not the case anymore and we’ve got to move away from shaming anyone’s sexuality. Because shame forces things into darkness, which is where depravity and creepiness begins.


As insulting as it is to be lumped in a category with the 4% of men who actually commit sexual violence, the feminist idealogy stems from the innate fear that all women experience.

It’s the same as our desire to stay out of jail for fear of being fucked in the ass.

It’s just fear.


A lot of the feminist discourse was engineered to make women feel better so I emplore you –in all areas- don’t engage in an argument with a woman if you genuinely don’t want to. There’s really no point in making her feel worse about her support system.

Yes, it’s hypocritical and downright sexist towards men at times.

And a bunch of the ‘solutions’ are just stupid and impractical. But it’s how they feel better about being smaller and weaker than us and it’s how they get motivated to have healthy boundaries and ask for pay rises and tell people to fuck off.


And they don’t care about who ‘wins’ the argument, they’re just expressing themselves and if you’ve ever dated anyone, you’ll know there’s no point telling a woman she’s wrong with “facts” when she feels a certain way.

            But if you can hold that space for them without getting knocked around, it’s actually a really cool space for them to express their concerns and elicit their values. But it’s not for everyone.

Check part-two of this series for ‘how to not-get knocked around’.




Statistics show that self-defense has definitely lowered sexual assault rates, which have plummeted since the 90’s. This might actually be from other feminist practices – better rape sentencing; general empowerment of women rather than man-shaming; advocating assertiveness training.

But they’re definitely wrong about one thing.

RAINN, (https://rainn.org) The Rape Abuse and Incest Nation Network sent a report to the white house which confirmed that sexual violence is NOT caused by cultural factors “rape culture” and is conducted by a select few individuals that perhaps lack the empathy and respect that is ingrained in us from a young age.

It may be an ‘outsider’ mentality “I’m not like everyone else” the introverted, stalker type, that does not feel compelled by social love or criminal punishment.

This is not the only thing that is completely contrary to the feminist dogma.

In the white-house report it also denoted that rapists are more likely to target submissive women (duh) but that more conservative clothing could depict shyness and insecurity: passivity. A predator sees this kind of target as less likely to fight, less likely to tell anyone.

We all know how intimidating a beautiful woman can be.


So what do we actually have to teach our daughters then?

“You’re not going out dressed like that! Wear something more slutty and intimidating!”

Maybe not, but also MAYBE.


Confidence is key.

I’ve trained middle aged men and plenty of young women in the deadly arts and there’s a definite tipping point in people’s confidence and I can’t put it down to any particular measure of technique.

It’s Body Language.

When a person FEELS dangerous, they give off a different more dominant body language that makes it almost impossible for them to get bullied.

Even when ‘challenged’ the aggressor is almost always petrified.


It’s not hard to recover from this with the upper hand and as modern men, we should always seek to validate and calm somebody down when they feel threatened enough to “challenge your authority”, most often they’re having a bad time and you’re riding high.

It’s blame.
Racism, sexism, family shit. When we are weak, we try to conserve energy: alleviate responsibility by trying to blame someone else.

It’s a simple human error to blame somebody for how we’re feeling, but let’s face it, all those feelings come from deep-down inside you.

They started a long time ago.

And they’re all your parents fault.





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Stay tuned for part 2: “Why consent isn’t enough.”

And subscribe to my Martial arts channel “Michael Zoupa”.




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