Growing up, I always had a nemesis. It helped me focus. Some years it was a boy, some, a girl.

I grew up in a world where boys and girls WERE equal and despite subtleties I was oblivious too, my decision to join the plight of women was met with hypocrisy, debunked facts and most often: Projection.

The most visible kind of feminist is the nasty, social justice warrior that’s clearly projecting their dissatisfaction with the opposite sex, into the channels of the feminist discourse.

We pick particular back-muscles to store stress. Or we find shit to hate-on. Any man can understand how people use aggression to overcome fear.

Modern Feminists justify being assholes. Because (#notallmen) are jerks to them on Tinder, they rationalise that it’s okay to have blogs and intagrams dedicated to shaming men.

But an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Don’t let them bully you.

…Into marrying them and financing their baby-factory.

The only reason you should let a woman objectify your wallet or take all your time, is if you really, really love her. And in that best-friend way, not the “wow she’s so hot” way.

Otherwise you’ll be trying to get your kids back from a nasty old woman because Disney lied to her. Trust your instincts. That’s what they’re there for. There’s no substitute for real love homie.

And if you find yourself on the receiving end of a relationship where a woman is dictating your reality and you’re unhappy, you need to LEAVE. Society pleads for the abused woman to leave him. It is the same approval-seeking emptiness that leads man to become a shell of his former self.

Find the strength. Move out. Block her number. Build yourself up again.

Better luck next time.



Okay I’m gonna have a quick dig and then get back to being constructive:

From the gender that brought you “Violence doesn’t solve anything”…

(drum roll)



Third wave feminism reminds me of that episode of Archer where he finds the old Japanese man that’s been stranded on the island for 30 years “Death to America!” and Archer’s like “Oh, no buddy, we’re all friends now…”


But hey, this is the encouragement-award, child-centred-parenting world we live in.

100 years ago women didn’t go to school, they didn’t have political or economic power, they didn’t have a lot of control over their reproduction or sexual needs.

Feminism was a thing and it needed to happen.

Straight people form commensal relationships with traditional and non-traditional dynamics.

LGBTQI people needed equal LEGAL rights.

The Rockerfeller family funded women’s liberation because they wanted women to enter the workforce so they could Tax them, which also meant children would get more accustomed to taking orders from schools, from the state. Breeding more compliance, more following.

It worked out pretty well for women across the board and this has degenerated into the bullshit we see on facebook that’s getting less and less accepted and so the third wavers have to retreat to their own safe-spaces and blogs of photographs cyber-bullying men (like, like, like!)

But allow me to change gears.

Because man, it is HARD to be a femmo yo.

This is what it feels like to be a feminist:

“I think it’s pretty unfair that women seem to get less opportunites and such and get raped a lot.” “WHO’D WANNA BANG YOU, YOU UGLY CUNT!”

And if I can put it in perspective even further for you (as a man), if you think of all the times a woman was losing her mind screaming incoherent shit. “You’re being irrational…”

The reason we see it as “irrational” (which is a useless thing to say at the time but people don’t have the brains to walk away and cool off and discuss it when you’re calmed the fuck down), is because OUR rational understanding of anger, is different to women’s aggression mechanism.

In the Chinese system, the Liver generates the acidic, hot emotions: anger, rage, fury, frustration, vengeance, hostility. They’re magnitudes of Anger which we learn (through social interaction) the appropriate amount of anger for given situations.

“Mate, pull your head in.”

“Stay the fuck away from my family or you’re fucking dead!”

It’s really the only ecosystem of emotions that men have been constantly rewarded for and it’s our GO-TO for dealing with Fear, Doubt, Rejection, Bitterness…

Anger can seem to be the only thing that actually solves problems and as men, we are built to solve.

This is why feminism seems kind of ridiculous because women have forever sat in circles talking about their feelings (partly because they weren’t allowed to do much else), so the premise of “action” just looks like they’re trolling on facebook and high fiving each other for being rude… it just doesn’t appear to SOLVE any of the problems, merely describing “entitlement” and “rape culture” to make women feel better about their resentment/desire to be loved, according to their needs.

Women more commonly activate HEART anger. It’s the anger they parent with.

“I’m only doing this because I love you.”

It seems irrational because it’s different to our anger.

Anger in the liver, is often the most prevalent voice in our lives.

But quite commonly in an argument where a woman is seeking empathy (agree with me = you understand me, yay) in which our anger is triggered “Why don’t you just SOLVE the friggin problem then you won’t have those stupid feelings” and her Heart anger fires as: “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME!”

I feel that this is the thing that we as-men miss, about women and about feminism.

It takes a lifetime of disappointment, of being ignored; of being disrespected; of sex that made you cry more than it made you come: to decide that you’re gonna wage war on the opposite sex.


Men do it too, we just womanise and ‘ghost’ girls we’ve slept with because we don’t trust them.

But they’ve organised. And it’s a fucking industry now. Feminist writers have cancelled seminars and still pocketed HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS in un-refunded tickets.

That’s right, for a no show.

The “Man-tears” mugs and t-shirts sell faster than the cat-litter trays that accompany them, (okay that’s the last one, I promise.)

And have you seen that ANZ add? Cute kids talking about pocket money and the (highly debunked) wage-gap, because it’ll bring in the market of 30 something women over to ANZ.

It’s really not about equal rights anymore. That’s why it seems hypocritical because it’s really not about men getting anything and thus the MRM situation (which is AS sexist as modern feminism).

But let me spell it out for you:

NO, they don’t want ‘equality’ to mean that they get punched in the face for failing to watch their mouth. OF COURSE THEY DON’T WANT THAT.

YES, they want you to pay for stuff because we haven’t evolved past males being the providers. It’s in our circuitry and guys with no money always feel deeply ashamed (and don’t ask a girl out if you don’t have the money dickhead.)

NO, they don’t care if we do or don’t feel more-entitled it’s THEIR experience of feeling Less-entitled.

To asking for a raise. To asking for sex. To telling someone that they felt unloved because we tried to solve the problem because “Why don’t you solve it” means: “and then you can Shut the fuck up and stop triggering me with your bullshit.”

“How come guys get to fart all over each other and try have sex with whoever walks past them and I have to be all ladylike and keep my legs crossed in several many ways…”

And THAT can be traced to birth control.

All the major religions and legislation was based on a pre-birth-control world, so slut-shaming was semi-necessary if you didn’t want a family full of bastard children from random hook-ups. Shit has changed and we’re still sitting on the same principles.

A thing we find in labelling a girl “a slut” is relief from our sexual frustration. That a woman who is sexually-active is “an option” that might alleviate that constant anxiety regarding rejection.

“A slut” gives us a chance, which gives us power.

A fundamental mis-attribution of the Male-entitlement theory is that men are sexually-dominant out of a sense of being entitled to a woman’s body.

What they’re really saying is “You’re NOT entitled to my body unless I CONSENT to it!” and please visit the last article which outlines WHY CONSENT IS NOT ENOUGH and is actually aiming very low on the spectrum of sexual pleasure between two sexual beings (or three).

Women feel LESS-entitled.

But that isn’t our fault either.

For as longs as anyone can remember we’ve been taught to suck it up and solve, so that the feelings go away. That’s WHY we were able to achieve so much to the point of being ‘Patriarchy’.

We were running.

Women are happy to sit across from their friends and pass the emotions around and everyone shares a story about “fear” to show they know what the other girl is talking about. They don’t try to displace the feelings. They master them and they let them settle.

Our instant response is to make the feeling go away and to feel proud of our problem solving skills.

Which brings me to my final point:

They got their social change. They won.

Women are gonna climb, change the laws so that there’s real deterrence for committing rape: like that old Christian-shit where you had to marry the girl if you raped her (and spend forever with her hating you) and give 40 shillings to her father (and look the guy in the eyes when you paid him).

There’ll be a bunch more intimate partner homicides, girls will kill their fathers and creepy stepfathers and there’ll be a lot less mother’s shaming their daughter for getting molested. (Yeah… that’s a thing.)

But until we move away from a culture of ‘aggressor-blaming’ and we will never be able to stifle the agony behind DV and other crimes. Think of it like this, if a woman kills her abusive husband we acknowledge that she was suffering. But we don’t do the same for men? Because they’re stronger? Because they should know how to control their feelings?

SO what do WE get out of all this social change?

What’s in it for the men? We just get to RENOUNCE some of our status and power?

Of course everyone WANTS their to be less dominance, less inequality.

But chanting “It’s. Fucken. Bullshit!” with cardboard signs doesn’t bump anyone to the top of the food chain. Dominance is a thing and you have to plan for it.

Bitching about it is lying on your back with you legs in the air so everyone knows you’re weak.

It’s survival of the fittest. It always has been.

It’s evolution baby.

The offering of feminism is that we get to be more sensitive and less gendered (dominant-entitled) so basically its’ still what they want, so here’s my repackaging.

YES, be more emotionally intelligent, yes, talk about your feelings. But you don’t HAVE to share with a woman if you feel it’s gonna give her leverage, they don’t have to get political AND emotional power over you (which they already have, buddy. It’s called emotional intelligence and she tricks you ALL the time.)

If she wants to talk you can say, “look, just gimme 15 mins to change out of my work clothes and then I’ll come talk to you, okay.”

Or even: “NO, I don’t wanna talk, I’m just gonna be a distant jerk for several hours, coz that’s what I’m gonna need,” and if she’s a dickhead about it because she wants attention well this is the reverse of that shit where she gets pissed at you for solving instead of empathising.

“I don’t want to share with you so you can empathise. I want to sulk around the house thinking of solutions.”

Problem solving’s like putting the toilet seat down, why don’t we get a fucking pat on the back for offering a bunch of solutions?

“Oh, look at your problem solving skills! Who’s my guy!?!”

My point is this: The world has ALREADY changed and some of the newer feminist shit has actually damaged feminine power so they’ll need to recalibrate.

But in the meantime, Men don’t even know what they want or where to start.

If prayer is talking to God, then meditation is listening.

Listen to your inner voice and always be square within yourself.

If she’s a drainer, leave her. Seriously.


Men just get more attractive with age. More resourceful, more fit, more wealthy, more mature, more wise, more versatile, more popular and more connected.

If you’re not sure, DON’T MARRY HER. Don’t move in with her and lose half of your wealth and be on the receiving end of abusive text messages for the REST OF YOUR LIFE because you wanna see your own children that you worked your ass off to love and support.

But still, be respectful, they’re not ‘all the same’, they’re not all as perfect/untrustworthy as your mother or the girl that cheated on you. They’re all different and if one of them is a nasty mole that doesn’t appreciate you, (It’s not your fault and it’s not hers), there’s another woman out there that is more your scene buddy, when it works -it works.

She’ll love you for your sense of humour, your interests, your body, your style.

Our frustration and desperation in getting female attention is also because they’ve had to repress all of their sexuality because of religious and traditional slut-shaming.

In a way, “rape culture” (playing-down women’s sexual power over us) is our answer to a problem created by men, that forced women to hide their RAMPANT sexuality.

But it’s different now. Feminism is engrained in our culture.

We have birth control and we have Tinder. Girl’s fuck-and-ditch all the time.

But the main thing is respecting EVERYONE and respecting yourself or else you’ll get bitter.

If women deserve sympathy for their predicaments, then so do WE.

And any woman that doesn’t acknowledge those things does not believe in Equality.

She is man-hating on you, because she hates her daddy: and not in the hot way 😉


Watch the little things: don’t say gross-sexual shit in front of girls, don’t fuck them if you don’t like them, don’t ignore them if they’re fat (and dude if you’re anything less than 12% body fat you don’t get to say “no fat chicks” and fucken don’t say it anyway, the thrill is cheap and you’re better than that).

You have to watch your mouth. You’ll make a joke and get no reply. She won’t tell you why.

And the less sexual awkwardness/creepy depravity in the world, the less child trafficking. So just bite your fucking tongue. It’s a skill and it pays dividends.


Because if there’s one thing I know about sluts, is they do not like being called “bitches.”


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